HGI People



Most social issues we face are entrenched within our surroundings. These issues have a far-reaching impact on communities-at-large. To tackle these complex and critical issues, HGI looks for people who have a broad, long-term perspective, who believe in the need to raise people’s quality of life, and who possess a strong sense of responsibility to put that belief into action.


The social issues that we target cannot be solved through individual efforts alone. They require concerted efforts and close collaboration among countless stakeholders. For smooth communication with these stakeholders, internal and external, HGI chooses to work with people whose unwavering conviction and philosophy guide their behavior, and who communicate clearly and candidly in both language and demeanor.


HGI is dedicated to creating a better world in which anyone and everyone can live a happier life—a world that embraces the underprivileged and marginalized, weaving them back into our social fabric. Achieving our goal of creating a better world is our top priority. However, we also believe that how we reach our goal is just as important. Therefore, we look for candidates who can empathize with those whom our efforts are focused towards and who will work tirelessly to make the world a better place.

Please forward your business plans, proposals, or other requests regarding long-term partnerships based on the aligned visions.