Real Estate

“HGI wants members of communities to have greater opportunities and a more fulfilling life. This philosophy underpins our approach toward real estate development.”

HGI plans, develops, and operates real estate with a focus addressing underlying social issues while pursuing and realizing sustainable financial gains. The social issues we consider most important are the challenges that seriously undermine the core values of ‘inclusivity’, ‘diversity’, and ‘wellness’.

HGI recognizes that local problems require local problem-solvers. These problem-solvers are often long-term residents of communities who have witnessed and experienced social issues first-hand, but have never had an environment or opportunity to build out their ideas as change-makers. Change-makers running social ventures need a place where they can work, live, and thrive.

Principled Real Estate Development

Our approach starts with a simple, fundamental question, “Who is this space for?”.

We approach space development with an unfettered perspective and innovative solutions.

We pursue holistic real estate development.

In real estate development, we always start by asking questions like “Who is this space for?”, “Who will use and occupy this space?” and “What value should this space create?”

We do not pursue a ‘one-size fits all’ solution to space planning. Instead, we strive to address the unmet needs of a particular group of people.

Yesterday’s space planning approach cannot solve today’s customer needs.

The co-working office is an excellent example of an unfettered, innovative solution to the workspace shortage for fledgling start-ups.

HGI will continue to develop and execute innovative products and business and operating models.

Real estate can do much more than merely create “space.” We take into account aspects of placemaking and the pulse of the surrounding community.

We develop and operate real estate from a long-term perspective rather than selling it for short-term gains. We design and offer comprehensive real estate services for residential and commercial purposes alike to give our customers a holistic, satisfying experience.

Real Estate Development

HGI is extensively involved in real estate development including space planning, operational planning, development, financing, and post-development operation. We work with asset owners who exemplify the value-based lifestyle approach and solutions.
Space Development Planning and Project Management
  • We provide overall planning, consulting, and project management services to clients who need professional help in space planning, funding, post-development operation, or disposal.
  • We work with land owners or investors who accede to HGI’s unique philosophy toward space planning and profit creation.
Residential, Business, and Commercial Property Development and Operation
  • By our unique space development approach, we create communities for tenants who share similar goals and values. We develop and operate co-working offices, co-living houses, and community retail facilities for small business owners with unique offerings that represent the HGI approach.
Master-lease Operation
  • In addition to developing real estate of our own, we provide master-lease operation service under which we sign a master lease contract with the landlord and manage the property including subleasing to maximize utilization and value creation, and realize more stable revenue generation.

For developers, investors, or proprietors, please forward your inquiries
regarding real estate/community development opportunities or any other consulting requests.