We achieve a world built on value-driven lifestyles when we empower local change-makers who incorporate their lived experiences into social ventures.

HGI supports the growth of ventures that tackle specific social issues that have transformed innovative solutions into products and services.


Social value

HGI invests in social ventures that generate meaningful contributions to solving critical social issues. We channel our investments into ventures that enhance social value through products and services that promote our core values of diversity, inclusivity, and well-being.

Entrepreneurial spirit

HGI believes in the power of the entrepreneurial spirit. We are dedicated to assisting those who have an idea, determined to see their vision through to fruition. By providing them with skills training, education, and sponsorship, we will help them achieve a successful business plan.

Long-term partnership

HGI does not chase short-term returns. Instead, we support entrepreneurs with whom we share our vision, and with whom we can grow a business in the long-term. We provide funds and continued support to entrepreneurs determined to tackle specific social issues with a strong sense of commitment, responsibility, and passion.

Please forward your business plans, proposals, or other requests regarding long-term partnerships based on the aligned visions.