Impact-driven business designed to propagate a value-driven lifestyle

HGI runs an impact-driven business, seeking to address diverse social issues through sustainable innovations.

“Value-driven lifestyle” is at the core of our unique approach to solving social issues.

We define a “value-driven lifestyle” as a way of life rooted in the core principles of diversity, inclusivity, and well-being.


“A world in which everyone can enjoy a value-driven lifestyle”


Support social ventures pursuing
innovations that facilitate
a value-driven lifestyle

Build holistic communities and cities
that cultivate a value-driven
lifestyle for all

HGI defines a “value-driven lifestyle” as seeking diversity, inclusivity, and overall well-being. We believe that a “value-driven lifestyle” should permeate every part of daily life.

Leveraging our vision of creating a “world in which everyone can enjoy a value-driven lifestyle,” HGI nurtures social ventures and change-makers that propel innovations targeted at solving specific social issues. Our assistance—financial and beyond—empowers these ventures to have a more significant impact on society, enabling more people to enjoy diverse, inclusive, and wellness-driven products and services.

HGI seeks to build communities that epitomize a value-driven lifestyle, breaking away from traditional cities designed as aesthetic showcases without regard for citizens’ needs. We are committed to planning, building, and operating communities capable of anticipating long-term citizens’ needs, and of offering choices of healthy, value-driven lifestyles.



A society is not sustainable if all its members think the same way, consume the same products, and pursue a single “right” answer. HGI aims to create a thriving community, bursting with pride in historical context, while maintaining cultural fabric, and  strengthening small businesses that reflect the stories of the neighborhood.


HGI believes in a society that provides equal opportunities to the underserved and the marginalized. Our business model focuses on helping those denied access to essential resources. By providing a platform that creates jobs, values education, and fosters sponsorship, we help them achieve health and happiness and integrate them into our social fabric.


Our business model pursues local enterprises that offer products and services essential for physical and mental health. We endeavor to build a world in which businesses produce goods and services healthily and holistically, and in which both individuals and society as a whole pursue overall well-being.


Impact-driven business designed to propagate a value-driven lifestyle



Investing in social ventures focused on the core values of diversity, inclusivity, and well-being.

Developing value-driven communities that propel collaboration among long-term residents, change-makers, and social ventures.


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